Muffys Enterprises LLC review in Calgary, Alberta: Ripped off by Muffy's Enterprises LLC!

Muffys Enterprises LLC review - Ripped off by Muffy's Enterprises LLC!
Muffys Enterprises LLC review - Ripped off by Muffy's Enterprises LLC!
Wanting a pair of 1950's saddle shoes, I scoured the internet and stumbled upon Muffy's Enterprises. They boast having "the largest retail inventory of saddle shoes in the world" and after browsing their site one would believe this is true. What they don't have is good customer service, good communication or good business sense! The owners of this company, Margaret (aka Muffy) and Allen Marshall, reside in the Oregon rainforest and have less than a professional attitude towards their business. When a company stipulates on their website "we are USUALLY at the shop weekdays from 1pm-5pm, other times and weekends are by chance" it says a lot about how seriously they take their business. When researching reviews on the company, I noticed a lot of feedback about their "poor communication". I really wish I had taken heed after reading that. Foolishly, I placed my order anyways. Here's where it all starts going down hill. The shoes I purchased are listed on their website for $79.00 (USD). I was charged $87.50 (USD) when I went to the checkout. I just assumed that the extra cost was for shipping. I soon learned this wasn't the case since the shipping was a completely separate charge (I thought it was a little bizarre but it's just another example of how low-tech this company is). So anyways, the shoes arrive and are gorgeous but they don't fit. On Muffy's website they instruct you to measure your foot length and width before ordering. They also advise you to order a 1/2 size down because most of their shoes "tend to run long". I did all of this and the shoes still didn't fit. They were still too long and the width of the shoe was too narrow. In hindsight, I probably should have gone down a full size and gone up one shoe width. They were very nice looking shoes so I decided to go for an exchange as opposed to a refund. Muffy's return/exchange policy states "Email or call us and we will do our best to get the proper size right out to you" however getting a hold of someone is literally impossible! I have called, I have emailed and I have faxed, all with no luck. Their return policy also states "we accept exchanges or returns within 14 days - returns that are past the 14 day period cannot be sold as new and will be subject to a restocking fee". This hardly seems fair when the customer can't even get a response from the merchant. I paid $109.00 USD for these shoes which converts to $122.00 in Canadian dollars so I'm a little more than a pissed consumer. This has been by far the worst online shopping experience of my life...and I regularly shop online. I've since read feedback from other customers who have experienced the same thing. Here's one: I ordered shoes online from Muffy's. The shoes are supposed to be leather but they smelled like plastic and the quality was poor. I sent them back quickly as instructed to get a refund. Weeks go by & I don't hear from Muffy or get a refund. I email her & she literally tells me that because she's on her VACATION, I can only have an exchange not a refund. Then I don't hear back from her again. Weeks later I send her a very stern email just to get a response. This is the email response from Muffy: "I processed the refund. I did this without verifying that I have the return as I am currently in Wyoming and have not had email for several days". And another customer wrote: "Ok, an e-mail might slip by but I sent 50 emails because I was sent shoes of completely different widths and I got ABSOLUTELY NO ANSWER. Not even a denial, nothing at all. No doubt Muffy Enterprises does not want to keep customers happy." I wish I had seen these reviews before placing my order because I probably wouldn't have gone through with the purchase. I can deal with sizing issues as long as the retailer is available to discuss exchanges which isn't the case with Muffy's. It's fine and dandy to be semi-retired and kicking back in the rainforests of Oregon but my thinking is why even have a business if you're not going to be professional. It's not fair to your customers who work hard for their money. These shoes weren't cheap! By the way, I noticed there was no delay in charging my credit card!! Too bad Muffy's isn't as fast and diligent with their customer service. Their lackadaisical attitude towards their business and their customers is beyond atrocious. If you're thinking about buying shoes from Muffy's go elsewhere because you will most likely run into sizing issues and have no one to help you with an exchange or refund.
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I have used Muffys for probably over 30 years, and have NEVER had a problem with them.


get a life, you are so full of merde

and why do you have such a fully disgusting TOS when you want to complain about some one else.

do not feed the trolls



I have at least 6 pairs of saddle shoes that I ordered from Muffy's. Love them all.

I only had to exchange one pair and there was no problem in doing so. Muffy's service and shoes have always been a great source of pride for me and I never hesitate to pass along where I purchased them to anyone that asks.


I LOVE Muffy's and her shoes. Been a happy customer for years now.

Sometimes you might need patience to get quality shoes you can't find anywere else.

The saddle shoes do take alittle time to break in but once they do they are dreamy & last a long time! i wear mine to death walking and playing with kids & they hold up great in both comfort & style!

viva muffy's!


I ordered a pair of clasdic saddleshoes. I stated my size but I also included an outline of both of my feet to assure that I got the correct size. I did not have any problems with getting mine in the correct size.

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